Scorpion Vision 9.0 RC1 is available

The first official 9.0 version is available for download. Enjoy the new installer 🙂

2D and 3D demo profiles at your fingertips:)

A selected set of improvement points of Scorpion Vision 9.0:

  • Completely new installer makes it easy to install everything including
    • 2D Extensions
    • 3D Extensions
    • 2D and 3D demo profiles
    • Get 30 days demo licence during installation
  • New binary storage format makes operation faster and more secure
  • New Image formats
    • 3D ascii fileformat for 3D point cloud data-exchange
    • Added support for tif and png
      • lossless compression with tif
  • Fantastic threadpool management in Scorpion Toolbox
  • Extended Numpy support
    • Numpy image format is supported by Scorpion
  • TargetComputer concept makes switch profile easy
    • Easy to switch from online to offline system configuration
    • New folder history dialog offline simulation easier
  • New Scorpion Profile Wizard makes it easier to get started
  • A number of  Scorpion VisionX enhancements
  • New System Options and System tagdatabase additions
  • Zoom Siblings – zoom is linked between images
  • Google Search for Scorpion Vision Resources
  • Updated camera drivers and device drivers
  • Extended Python Support for Adam-6000 series
  • and much more – Read Scorpion Vision Release Notes

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