Getting back to normal….

Oslo and Norway was hit by a terrible attack on our democracy last friday.

On my way home friday afternoon
I was in the office at 15.25 where a terrible noise was heard. The building was shaking. July is vacation time in Norway and we were only a handful in the office at this time. I felt by instinct that this was a bomb. We then checked the building and looked onto the street. Our offices were intact. In the street there was a lot of broken windows and a few bleeding people. We stopped working and started to check if there was some news on the internet. After a while we understood that the Norwegian Government and the governing labour party was the target. The Tordivel office is only 200 meter away from the bomb center – we were lucky because we were shielded by the large Old Oslo Opera building. When I walk home from work I normally pass through the Einar Gerhardsens Plass where the bomb struck normally a little bit later than 15.25… feels very close.
I stayed in the office for a couple of hours to secure everything – over the weekend we are starting to realize that severe of the attack and the brutal killings affects the whole Norwegian community.
Sunday morning outside the cathedral
Today it is monday – the Tordivel office is fully operational and we are trying to progress as normal as it is possible……