Developments in Machine Vision Software

Software Developments in Machine Vision

1. Introduction

The team at Scorpion Vision Software has been working with the transition from 2D machine vision to 3D machine vision since 2006. Our goal is to make this transition transparent for the user. Scorpion Vision Software is a very flexible, rapid application development framework to create the most reliable, most robust and most accurate industrial 2D and 3D machine vision solutions. I believe that 3D machine vision is the most important development in machine vision software at the moment. In 3D we make systems that never fail!

Subpixel location using 3D machine vision
A single Smart Camera V3 from Sony with VGA resolution. The 3D calibrated system provides the most accurate 3D picking at a low component cost.

2. Machine Vision Development from 1990 – 2010

When I was first introduced to machine vision in 1997 we evaluated Checker one of the first smart cameras from Image Industries in UK. The potential of vision sensors were obvious when seeing this system running in real-time processing more than 50 images / seconds. The setup was menu driven and required only a clever engineer to handle. The image processing was only pixel based. I have worked with machine vision since this introduction. After moving to PC based machine vision with excellent lens calibration procedures, I realised that pixel based processing is very limited with respect to accuracy. With lens calibration and sub-pixel processing one can achieve 10 to 20 times the accuracy than with pixel based algorithms.


We describe the tremendous impact of adding 3D camera calibration to  “simple” 2D applications. This makes them more accurate and  robust by using 3D dimensions to verify the 2D image processing. Read the whole article –  Software Developments in Machine Vision
Click the image to see the simple animation. The image with typical Robot Vision factory lighting conditions. The system locates the products 100% with sub-pixel accuracy.