Barcodes Module in Scorpion is getting better

We are pleased to release the version of our Barcode support.

  • The benefits of using this library are
    • improved reading speed
    • specific improvements for code 39, code 128, GS1-Databar and Datamatrix modules
    • added support for code 93 (.net 2.0 only)
  • Minimal Scorpion version:
  • Supported environment:
    • python 2.4 & .net 1.1
    • python 2.6 & .net 2.0
  • To use Softek Barcode Reader v7.4.1 extract files from to the Python folder under Scorpion installation folder.
  • This version of the Barcode Reader is not yet part of the Scorpion Installation.

More information:  Scorpion Online Help

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