Scorpion 8.3 manages the cpu-cores to gain linear speed-up!

With the upcoming release of Scorpion 8.3 we are proud to inform everybody about the ability to manage the multicore cpu usage from within the Scorpion toolbox without any programming.

We will present the capability using the profile from our single camera 3D tutorial.
Single Camera 3D Tutorial
Single Camera 3D Tutorial

The Scorpion Toolbox contains a user managed threadpool

The image below shows the tools used to locate the 2D objects – circle, triangle, start and rectangle.

The unthreaded toolbox

Simply press the new Threaded button to activate the three threads. The results is shown below. The thread triangle is green and activated.

The threaded toolbox with three template finders running in parallel

The proof of the pudding – Scorpion Curves system measurement – 70% performance gain on a duo-core

The single-core operation is approximately 550 ms and the duo-core is 310 ms.

Profile running on one and two cores

In Scorpion multi-core is supported with a multitude of measures:

  • Some tools are multithreaded internally – this applies to the TemplateFinder3 tool
  • A sequence of tools can be run in parallel on separate threads and cores
  • A number of Toolbox tools can be run in parallel

The performance gain when only improving the internal processing in TemplateFinder3 is 50% with an average processing time of 370 ms.

The new multicore threadpool management in Scorpion scales extremely good quad-core cpu giving more or less a unique linear scale-up.  It will excel in complex multicamera assembly verification systems and 3D stereo-vision.


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