Enhanced Camera Support

Scorpion 7.0 has extended camera support and functions.

  • Up to 150 images/second processed in real-time.
  • CameraLink, GigE, Firewire, USB, SharedMemory and more
  • LineScan, Area, NIR, network cameras and web-cameras.

The following cameras are supported:

  • All USB 1.0 and 2.0 DirectShow Compatible Cameras
    • requires min DirectX 8.1
  • Unibrain Firewire Cameras
  • Pixellink Firewire Cameras
  • Prosilica GigE using Prosilica SDK
  • Allied Vision Technologies firewire cameras
  • Basler Area Scan Camera using Pylon 2.1
  • Basler Line Scan Cameras using Pylon 2.1
  • PtGrey Firewire Camera using PtGrey SDK
  • Sony SmartCameras
  • Sony Firewire and GigE Cameras
  • All cameralink linescan  interface to Matrox Solios MIL 9.0
    Includes Basler Sprint and Goodrich NIR Camera
  • Generic support for all Network Cameras from Sony, Axis and more
  • Files – jpg and bmp 8 bit bw and 24 bit color formats
  • Generic support for all IIDC 1.30 compliant cameras
  • General support for all Windows Imaging Devices
  • Imaging Source 1394a
    and 1394b firewire cameras


<p>More information found in
Scorpion Help File.</a></p>


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