Enhanced Camera Support

Scorpion 7.0 has extended camera support and functions.

  • Up to 150 images/second processed in real-time.
  • CameraLink, GigE, Firewire, USB, SharedMemory and more
  • LineScan, Area, NIR, network cameras and web-cameras.

The following cameras are supported:

  • All USB 1.0 and 2.0 DirectShow Compatible Cameras
    • requires min DirectX 8.1
  • Unibrain Firewire Cameras
  • Pixellink Firewire Cameras
  • Prosilica GigE using Prosilica SDK
  • Allied Vision Technologies firewire cameras
  • Basler Area Scan Camera using Pylon 2.1
  • Basler Line Scan Cameras using Pylon 2.1
  • PtGrey Firewire Camera using PtGrey SDK
  • Sony SmartCameras
  • Sony Firewire and GigE Cameras
  • All cameralink linescan  interface to Matrox Solios MIL 9.0
    Includes Basler Sprint and Goodrich NIR Camera
  • Generic support for all Network Cameras from Sony, Axis and more
  • Files – jpg and bmp 8 bit bw and 24 bit color formats
  • Generic support for all IIDC 1.30 compliant cameras
  • General support for all Windows Imaging Devices
  • Imaging Source 1394a
    and 1394b firewire cameras


<p>More information found in
Scorpion Help File.</a></p>

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  1. […] Scorpion, DirectShow and IP Cameras Posted on November 8, 2009 by Thor When we designed Scorpion Vision Software our focus was on Industry Standards. One of the standard were DirectShow that is a part of DirectX from Microsoft. The Scorpion interface to DirectX is the Scorpion Camera driver firegrab.dll. In the later years we have interface a large number of image and camera sdk and apis. Read more…. […]

  2. […] Enhanced Camera Support including Sony Smart Cameras. […]

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