Scorpion FishKiller – Learn more about 3D Stinger @Ukiva Confex in Milton Keynes in May

We are proud to present Scorpion 3D Stinger for Robot Vision used in a Salmon Slaughter house at the Ukiva Confex in Milton Keynes, UK – May 16th, 2018.

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For the first time we will present the full story: How a Scorpion 3D Stinger for Robot Vision is working in real-time, with the state-of-the-art global shutter Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera, killing two fishes per second flowing freely on a conveyor. The role of the executer is handled by an ABB Flexpicker Robot.

is-2018-0005-A Stinger FishKiller_3d

Paul Wilson – the managing director of Scorpion Vision Ltd will also present a talk about “Using 3D in Food Processing” at the Confex.

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