New Video – Scorpion NeuralOCR

NeuralOCR is used to read any type of text – multiple lines. It is compatible with the latest Scorpion Vision Software XII.

The Scorpion Tool Component is used without training. It is based on the finest Neural Network Technology,

We provide services for OEM that have special need for traceability or direct part marking tasks.


Scorpion NeuralOCR is a part of the Scorpion 3D Toolbox – Modern Vision. Modern Vision is a new important addition to Scorpion Vision Software that provide solution for real world task based.

Combining Scorpion NeuralOCR with the Scorpion 3D Venom Camera make it possible to read text on moving objects by first locating the part in 3D and then reading the text.

Scorpion NeuralOCR is trademark of Tordivel AS. Scorpion Vision Software is a registered trademark – © 2000 – 2017 Tordivel AS