New STC-0103 DXFDraw released from Scorpion Vision XI

We are happy to release a new Scorpion Tool Component that can overlay DXF-files upon an image in Scorpion Vision Software XI.

This is very useful. The feature is implemented as an easy to use tool where you only specify the filename and then attached the tool to the located object’s reference.

Using the built-in reference system in Scorpion handles translation, rotation and scaling and ensures the best visualisation fits 100%. The main target for this feature is measurement applications.

is-2015-0011-A STP-0087-DXFDraw

The features is available from Scorpion Vision XI build 612.

The configuration dialog is shown below for reference:

is-2015-0011-A STC-0103 DXFDraw Config Dialog.png

Future enhancement can be to use the DXF file for dynamic user configuration of the Scorpion Vision System.