Invitation to Vision 2010 in Stuttgart


Scorpion 3D Smartcam Demo Unit
Scorpion 3D Smartcam Demo Unit

Scorpion Vision Software – creates the most advanced, accurate and reliable 3D solutions

We are present at this years main machine vision event: the Vision 2010 exhibition in Stuttgart November 9-11.

  • Polytec GmbH: Hall 6 – B19
  • Sony Europe Ltd: Hall 6 – C33

Scorpion 3D SmartCam™

At Sony we will demonstrate an existing 3D Stereo Vision Identification system based on the Smartcam from Sony – picture to the right. Read more about Scorpion 3D SmartCam

Scorpion 3D Stinger™ for Robot Vision Preview

At Polytec’s booth we will preview Scorpion 3D Stinger™’s unique 3D Robot Vision capabilities: there will be a live Mitsubishi robot locating parts with the highest 3D Stereo Vision accuracy. Read more…

The core Tordivel team is available for you to discuss Scorpion 3D

The Tordivel team will be available to discuss machine vision, 3D robot vision, two-sided laser triangulation, 3D imaging and OEM solutions for the whole three days. You will get access to the core development team at Vision 2010 in Stuttgart.

Focus on Scorpion 3D Laser Triangulation

High-speed two-sided laser triangulation

More information

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