Scorpion 3D Vision Training

Scorpion 2D & 3D Training Courses are in

  • Oslo, Norway September 7-9 , 2010.
  • Waldbronn, Germany September 22-23, 2010.

3D bin pickingAccording to our customers using Scorpion 3D Robot Vision, 2D solutions are no longer of any interest – 3D Robot Vision is just better than 2D.

The value added by a Scorpion 3D vision solution is indispensable: The systems never fail combined with fast object location within 1 mm in x, y and z.

Join our training to understand the real power of a true 3D Robot Vision solution. The course is based on the new Scorpion Vision Software® release 8.1 and starts with a Scorpion basic introduction, continues with advanced 2D and 3D vision tasks and brings you further through real 3D Robot Vision solutions. Read the Invitations.

Scorpion Vision Software 8.1 from Tordivel AS provides the most accurate and robust 3D Bin Picking based on stereo vision. The image above shows an example.

Click here to watch a video from the laboratory.

Tordivel AS has been working with robot vision for more than ten years. We can provide application evaluation, OEM solutions and turn key solutions in addition to the software.

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