PolygonMatch3 goes to beta with Scorpion 8.1

Subpixel location with PolygonMatch

With the release of Scorpion 8.1 a new PolygonMatch3 is added. The tool is an improved PolygonMatch – it replaces PolygonMatch2. The addition of PM3 is a part of a complete overhaul of the Polygonmatch technology in Scorpion including custom match, max threshold, improved autofit and improved dynamic thresholds. This improves among other CircleSegmentor, TemplateFinder3 and PolylineEdgeFaults2.

PolygonMatch3 adds an extremely powerful search option, making it possible to make the tool more robust or to iterate over a larger area. The search parameters are: scale, independent x and y scale, rotation and multiple positions. PolygonMatch is an optimal way to locate ONE objects with subpixel accuracy. Multiple polygons define the shape or model of the object. Using the model the same shapes are extracted from the images and fitted to the original model with the highest possible accuracy.  With the Autofit capability the user can generate the model by clicking on edges in the image. The edge points are the then fitted to the edge while creating the model.

The valve is located using two polygons – a circle and a straight line. A model can consist of any number of polygons. The circle holds the valve and the line fits to the correct angle. In this model a custom match for each polygon ensures that only fits where both polygons are active are accepted.

Read more at  Scorpion Online Help.

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