Scorpion Vision Software is a VRAT not a library

Back from Vision-2009 in Stuttgart I was inspired to write this article. A comment question from potential users are:  “Is Scorpion a library?”  The answer to this question is a big NO.

  • Scorpion is a VRAT – Vision Rapid Application development Tool

Why was Scorpion not designed to be a library?

When Scorpion was designed in 2000 we wanted to create a PC based Vision Sensor application. The model and inspiration was the uk company Image Industries innovative vision sensor Checker. Image Industries was later aquired by Cognex and Checker disappeared. In 2002 we added Python to Scorpion. This is the most important addition to the initial Scorpion design and turned the configurable application into an open framework.  Scorpion is 425 builds later alive and kicking and is continously evolving and has become the most efficient way to develope 2D and 3D machine vision applications.

Because we strongly believe that the Scorpion Vision Tool produces better and more reliable applications – 5 to 50 times faster from idea to working application than system based on a library!


This Scorpion application – WISM – Wafer Inspection Master – contains no Image processing but coordinates multiple Scorpion applications in a Wafer Inspection Line –  is developed by Tordivel Solar.

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