New Video – Scorpion NeuralOCR

NeuralOCR is used to read any type of text – multiple lines. It is compatible with the latest Scorpion Vision Software XII.

The Scorpion Tool Component is used without training. It is based on the finest Neural Network Technology,

We provide services for OEM that have special need for traceability or direct part marking tasks.


Scorpion NeuralOCR is a part of the Scorpion 3D Toolbox – Modern Vision. Modern Vision is a new important addition to Scorpion Vision Software that provide solution for real world task based.

Combining Scorpion NeuralOCR with the Scorpion 3D Venom Camera make it possible to read text on moving objects by first locating the part in 3D and then reading the text.

Scorpion NeuralOCR is trademark of Tordivel AS. Scorpion Vision Software is a registered trademark – © 2000 – 2017 Tordivel AS

Scorpion Vision XII build 654 is here!

We are proud to announce that a major upgrade of Scorpion Vision Software XII is here. This is another significant step ahead in our continous effort to provide “Excellence in 3D Stereo Vision” and the best OEM machine vision package.  The version  is faster, more powerful, easier to use and even more accurate. We have better support for our own Scorpion Stinger hardware.

Link to download Scorpion Vision XII – build 654


TemplateFinder3 – multiple templates – faster – adapted to work in 3D HeightMap – simple and powerful tool for Scorpion 3D Stinger for Robot Vision

Scorpion Vision XI – Release Notes – an extensive list of changes and improvements for you to enjoy


  • 21jun2017, Important feature, bug-fix and usability release
    ⦁ STC Updates

    • STC-0083 DisparityMap3D_3.3.0.63 – Important
      ⦁ Reduce the need for StereoRectify3D padding
      ⦁ Saves significant amount of memory and avoid failure
    • STC-0038-FitLine3D_1.3.0.29 – add rms result – wider
    • STC-0101-BoxCalculator2D_1.0.0.6
    • STC-0045-MinAreaRect2D_1.2.0.15
      ⦁ Works will reference systems
  • Tool Updates – usability and maintenance
    ⦁ Angle3D – Significant Upgrade

    • New RotationVec1 and 2 results
    • New VectorAngleXY, VectorAngleXZ and VectorAngleY
    • Added axis selection and result feedback
  • PlaneFit3D – rearrange dialog – for usability – result rearrange
  • Sizeable Tool Dialogs – works better on bigger screens
    ⦁ TemplateFinder3 – Major change important

    • Add option to SaveTemplatesAsBitmaps
    • Useful for checking modifying templates outside Scorpion
    • Add Help button to External Templates
    • With larger images – much easier to work with templates and polygons
  • Calibrator2D – better insight in calibration image
    ⦁ Updated icons
  • Add UpdateOnApply
    ⦁ ExternalPoint3D,
    ⦁ ExternalLine3D – added Rotation result
  • Wider – Bigger – multiple 2D and 3D tools
    ⦁ ToolImport, DataImport, PolygonMatch3
    ⦁ Locate3D, CylinderFit3D, xxx3D
    ⦁ CircleGauger – update icons, better dynlinking
    ⦁ ExternalReference, Toolbox – windows 8 icons
  • Fixed “Singular Matrix” arrlib error observed on none moved/rotated MoveReference3D in 2D images
  • Bug fix 653
    ⦁ Toolbox autosize columns fix from 653
    ⦁ Basetool – fix in Minimum ROI
  • OverViewSetupDialog – arrows thicker – show enable-disable
  • PyTool – add toolbox property – toolbox childs owner

03jun2017: STC Update – Important

  • STC-0083 DisparityMap3D_3.3.0.60
  • STC-0084 StereoRectify3D_1.3.0.24
  • STC-0094-ROICalculator_1.0.0.13
  • STC-0004-Watershed_2.1.0.11
  • STC-0038-FitLine3D_1.3.0.27
  • STC-0097-HMapCalculator_1.0.0.9

02jun2017: Toolbox STC Release, multiple bugfix and usability release

⦁ Toolbox Components and Toolbox STC – Very Important for System Builder

  • is the first version to fully Support Toolbox STC
    ⦁ Using toolbox LocalData state for restoring of embedded tool’s LocalData
    ⦁ Moved away from using tools in ‘LOCAL’ group as local configuration for STC’s
    ⦁ Minor imcompatibility with latest builds to be handled
  • Locate3D – handles dynamic image index
    ⦁ update incoming reference due to dynamic image index linking
    ⦁ highlights current incoming reference camera
    ⦁ add description resolution
  • Toolbox tool
    ⦁ fixed missing ctrl-z action introduced in – important bugfix
    ⦁ fixed missing DataInput.Apply for DataInput #2
  • Historylist – Very Important
    ⦁ fixed auto delete images on low memory
    ⦁ limit should be set minimum 2*size of one imageset
    ⦁ fixed deletion of volatile images when using image stitching
    ⦁ fixed time consumption updating column widths
  • SVT – ScorpionVisionToolbox
    ⦁ fixed ‘delay’ parameter for single commands
    ⦁ ParameterPropertyDialog, TagName and TagName Selection dialogs made wider
    ⦁ Makes it easier to edit datainput pages in STC
  • General
  • Image Layout Dialog Resize
    • Can see the complete image name
    • Multiple Columns Updates
  • Toolbox,Results
    • Removes need for scaling columns
    • Main purpose see all text
  • Statistics Frame Update
    • Column naming update
    • Auto Size- Menu Icons
  • STC-0143-ImageNameToIndex_1.0.0.3- Important
    ⦁ First STC based on PythonScript
    ⦁ Parses toolName and provides imageIndex and imageName as results
    ⦁ All images in a toolbox can the be smart linked symbolic
  • STC-0144-DynamicScriptingSample_1.0.0.1
    ⦁ Provide a sample script for dynamic scripting
  • Tools – Usability
    ⦁ ExtractMap3D.ROI
    ⦁ User feedback
    ⦁ ROI – choose Center or Minimum by checkbox
  • Basetool.Reference – verified – STC must be tuned minimum width wider when using Reference
    ⦁ Add User Feedback
    ⦁ Add ROI locks
    ⦁ Improve Enable Controls
    ⦁ Extended Control Size – better linking
    ⦁ ROI – choose Center or Minimum by checkbox
  • Tools – General
    • Blob1 – resizing
    • ExternalReference – make wider
    • ExternalPolygon, Polygon2 and Polygon3 – wider and taller
    • ExternalDictionary – wider and taller
    • ImageResampler – tuned – new icons
    • ImageConverter , ImageFilter
      ⦁ Wider –
      ⦁ New paste – copy icons
    • Finally dynamic linking
      ⦁ ImageMixer, ImageCombiner – wider – new icons
      ⦁ Intensity – wider
      ⦁ RadialArcFinder, CircleFinder2D – wider – new icons
      ⦁ MoveReference3D – important
    • New input feedback
      ⦁ Axis on three lines for easy dynlinking
      ⦁ MoveReference – rearrange, user feedback – easier linking
      ⦁ Basetool – new copy / paste icons
      ⦁ ExternalData – inherited by BaseTool

      • Wider – Popup Menu Icons – Update On Apply caption chang
      • smarter auto-columns – wider
    • Classifier, LogicTool – wider – first iteration smarter columns
    • New – HelpDialog – for simple context sensitive help
      ⦁ CircleFinder2D – help for SearchString and Cost Function
  • Tools – Saving Mouse Clicks
    ⦁ ExternalScalar, ExternalLogic, ExternalLine, ExternalPoint, ExternalText
    ⦁ Add option Update Value On Apply

14may2017, STC Updates

  • STC-0013-DisplayResult_2.3.0.32
  • STC-0084 StereoRectify3D_1.3.0.22
  • STC-0083 DisparityMap3D_3.3.0.57
  • STC-0094-ROICalculator_1.0.0.12
  • STC-0049-DisplayResult2D_1.1.0.8

13may2017, First PythonScript STCs

  • STC-0143-ImageNameToIndex_1.0.0.2 – Important
    • First STC based on PythonScript
      ⦁ Parses toolName and provides imageIndex and imageName as results
      ⦁ All images in a toolbox can the be smart linked symbolic
    • STC-0144-DynamicScriptingSample_1.0.0.1
      ⦁ Provide a sample script for dynamic scripting

05may2007 : Usability Update

  • DebugConsole – add Separator command
  • ScorpionVisionToolbox – improved thread safety
  • ImageResampler – bugfix dynamic link destination image
  • Registered Computer Management – MainForm
    ⦁ New – Add Computer
    ⦁ Usability – Important
  • ComboBox handles tab-shift – Very Important
    ⦁ Find Replace Dialog
    ⦁ Command Dialog
    ⦁ Event Property Dialog
  • Image Dialog
    ⦁ Add new style memo hint
    ⦁ Make much wider
    ⦁ Remake Automatic Stiching Tab – with definitions
  • Blob4 – threshold tab refactor
    ⦁ Defining the dynamic modes Min and|or Max Threshold
  • Toolbox – popupmenu has icons
    ⦁ autoscale columns
  • Autoscale List View Columns
    ⦁ Removes need for column scaling

    • History LisT
    • Backup Tab
    • Result View and more
  • Dialog menu has icons – makes it much easier to learn icons,
    • ProfileSelection
    • Curves
    • PageControlAdmin
    • Events and , under Actions
    • Image and Camera List
    • History List
  • Startup Options – add hint – group options

22apr2017, Toolbox Components Release

  • Toolbox – Important – Toolbox Components
    • Bugfix – includes internal tool templates
    • This works like Import / Export
    • Existing local templates will be overwritten
  • Camera images – Very Important
    ⦁ volatile – remove from history if set
    ⦁ can save significant amount of memory in a large profile
    ⦁ new icons – signalling image options
    ⦁ improved popup menu – “Set”

    • Online
    • Active
    • Volatile
    • AutoClear
    • add Import/Export

11apr2017, Toolbox Components Release

  • ⦁ ToolBox – Important
    ⦁ ignores embedded tools “Local data” in Upgrade
    ⦁ add Setup page as available DataInput host
    ⦁ moved Toolbox to Setup page
    ⦁ moved DataInput setup to Data page
    ⦁ improved Data GUI
  • TF3 – Important
    ⦁ Add center and size protection
    ⦁ Add relative to center position
    ⦁ fixed failed when Decimation=1
  • Python – Automated Camera Change – Important
    •  pyCameras
      • load(filename)
      • save(filename)
    • pyCameraImages
      • load(filename)
      • save(filename)
  • Toolbox Tool – STC – Very Important
    ⦁ pyToolBox – specialized python wrapper for ToolBox
    ⦁ Python – Important – clearOverlays
    ⦁ pyTool

    • clearOverlay() clears embedded tools for ToolBox tools
    • pyToolList
      ⦁ fixed clearOverlays()
  • DataImport
    ⦁ improved Data GUI
  • Scorpion Vision Toolbox – SVT
    ⦁ improved threaded Load/SaveConfig – none blocking host UI
    ⦁ handles Inspect/InspectExecute/Execute with delay parameter

27mar2017, TV, Usability Release

  • Fix German localisation issue in build 648
  • General
    • TemplateManager Dialogs
      • Change column width – name much wider
      • Description is higher
      • Remove Computer and Scorpion version Columns
    • Wider Dialogs
      ⦁ Result Dialog – and Result Tab in Tools
      ⦁ SaveImages in HistoryList
      ⦁ TagNameSelect Dialog
      ⦁ PythonPlugin Dialog
      ⦁ New Tool Dialog
  • Wider statusPanel in ImageView
    ⦁ so we can see image size and format for all images
  • 3D Image format improved – to make it easier with data exchange
    ⦁ Default format is ‘.asc’ – ascii 3D format
    ⦁ Supports .asc,.txt in addition to .arr and .a3d
  • Improved tool usability
    ⦁ Locate3D and ObjectPosition3D – Important
    ⦁ added zOnly visualisation
  • Goto
    ⦁ Add Enable Goto on tab
    ⦁ Remove need for using guard
    ⦁ Less clicking – better overview
  • Calibrator2D
    ⦁ New feedback in RMS validation
    ⦁ Caption and terms improved
    ⦁ Add prefilter help button – Wider
  • Blob4
    ⦁ Add prefilter button
    ⦁ Improve layout – names
  • Extractmap3D – Wider – add prefilter help button
  • TemplateFinder3 – add prefilter help
  • LineFinder2 – wider
    ⦁ Added Prefilter
    ⦁ Add option IgnorePastedAngle
    ⦁ Change naming – add hints
  • SingleLineFinder
    ⦁ Add option IgnorePastedAngle
    ⦁ Fix enable controls
    ⦁ Change naming – add hints
  • CircleFinder2D
    ⦁ Add prefilter
    ⦁ More space for commands
  • ImageResampler, ImageMixer – wider
    ⦁ Dynamic Image Links
    ⦁ Prefilter added
  • BaseTool – add prefilter help button
  • ExternalData – data tab first saves mouseclicks
  • Wider dialogs – improved usability
    ⦁ MoveReference3D
    ⦁ MoveReference
    ⦁ PCA3D
    ⦁ ImageCombiner
    ⦁ ObjectPosition
  • STC Updates – Use the latest
    ⦁ STC-0063 ValidateExtReferences3D_1.3.0.12
    ⦁ STC-0008-Visualize3D_1.3.0.18
    ⦁ STC-0021-ImageFromPoints3D_1.4.0.27
    ⦁ STC-0025-PolygonExtrema_1.0.0.12
    ⦁ STC-0034-PolygonFilter2D_2.2.0.48
    ⦁ STC-0042-BoundingRect2D_1.1.0.15
    ⦁ STC-0135-ImageFilter2_1.0.0.7

07mar2017, RL, Production Release

  • ExternalReference3D – Calibration Update
    • add 2D and 3D configuration point results
    • Supports new RefObjectCalibration STC
    • removed ‘CALIB’ from IMPORT command
    • IMPORT changes to using reference if configured for file
    • fixed IMPORT commands when configured for calibration file
  • Calibrator – improved
    ⦁ new commands
    ⦁ ROI
    ⦁ compute returns 0/1 due to result
  • ImageView – 3D – Important speed
    ⦁ Disable polygon in ‘fast-mode’
    ⦁ No polygon drawing while running
  • TemplateFinder3 – minor update
    ⦁ fixed AllCenters – mismatch with MatchedCenter[n]
    ⦁ disables Size if “Whole Image”
  • Tool guards – Major fix
    ⦁ guardname changes using dynamic guards
    ⦁ add guard operators
    ⦁ Example : blobs.Count > 5

    ⦁ operators = | == | < | > | <= | >= | <>
    ⦁ Recommended naming convention for tool and result names
    ⦁ A-Z, a-z, ‘_’
    ⦁ either upper or lower first character for all names
    ⦁ hyphenation with upper character or ‘_’
    ⦁ “FindContour”
    ⦁ “LocateBlob”
    ⦁ “findContour”
    ⦁ “locateBlob”
    ⦁ array results with either n, _n or [n]
    ⦁ invalid characters
    ⦁ tools : . , ; : = < > { } [ ] ( ) ‘ “ *
    ⦁ results : . , ; : = < > { } ( ) ’ ” *

17feb2017, Release Version

  • 3D viewer – improved OpenGL threading
  • Tracelog – Improvements
    • fixed lock when threading tools
    • add threadid in log

⦁ 25feb2017, RL, BugFixes

  • pyBaseTool
    • fixed failed getDataInput return
    • add dataInputRefresh and dataInputApply
  • ScorpionOpenCV – Major Threading issue on small images
    ⦁ fixed threading issue on small images
    ⦁ add ImageFilter ‘h’ – equalizeHist
  • Overlays – fixed rare exception when drawing with invalid 3D calibration
  • ExternalReference3D
    ⦁ add CALIB option in IMPORT command
    ⦁ updates CalibDate result
    ⦁ fixed minor update glitch when executeCmd calibration
    ⦁ add more StatusText error info
  • Tool result dialog – removed “Results for” in caption – improved toolname visibility
  • Tracelog – Improvements
    ⦁ fixed lock when threading tools
    ⦁ add ms in timestamp
    ⦁ fixed ‘LAST’ filename extension

17feb2017, Release Version

  • ExternalReference3D – Critical Bug Fix
    • Fixed missing import / activation of last 2D/3D point
    • Can cause defect 3D Calibration
  • New TraceLog Support – important for debugging
    ⦁ SetTraceLog(mode,filename=’’,separator=’;’)
    ⦁ AddTraceMessage(msg)
  • Python
    ⦁ pyDraw – fixed DrawRectEx
    ⦁ pyToolList – add execCount – total tools executed in last inspect command
  • DataInput – Improvements
    ⦁ Button controls
    ⦁ add ‘Rows’ property – default 1
    ⦁ add “OnClick” script – called for all buttons
  • pyBaseTool – add getDataInputByChild
  • pyDataInput – add getParameterByChild
  • SingleLineFinder – add TraceDirection – single traceline visualisation

03feb2017: STC Maintenance

  • STC-0034-PolygonFilter2D_2.2.0.47
  • STC-0066-PolygonMaskImage_1.1.0.9
  • STC-0008-Visualize3D_1.3.0.17

31jan2017, RL,

  • ⦁ Toolbox – Results – Bug
    ⦁ fix in
  • PyDraw – Major
    ⦁ extended 2D and 3D functions
    ⦁ ObjToPix – transform from reference coordinates to pixel coordinates

    • (x,y) = ObjToPix( refName, ((x,y,z),)) # 3D
  • Transform3DTo2D(fromRef3D, plg, toRef2D)
    ⦁ converts 3D point/polygon from 3D to 2D
  • Transform2DTo3D(fromRef2D, plg, toRef3D, z=0)
    ⦁ converts 2D point/polygon from 2D to 3D
  • TranslatePolygon(plg,offs)
    ⦁ 2D: plg=2D, offs=(x,y)
    ⦁ 3D: plg=3D, offs=(x,y,z)
  • RotatePolygon(plg,center,rotation,order=0)
    ⦁ 2D: plg=2D, center=(x,y),rotation=degrees
    ⦁ 3D: plg=3D, center=(x,y,z),rotation=(rx,ry,rz),
    ⦁ order=0 – XYZ,- 1 – ZYX
  • ScalePolygon(plg,center,scale)
    ⦁ 2D: plg=2D, center=(x,y), scale=(sx,sy)
    ⦁ 3D: plg=3D, center=(x,y,z), scale=(sx,sy,sz)
  • PolygonCOG(plg) # calculates COG – Center of Gravity for polygon
    ⦁ plg = 2D or 3D polygon
    ⦁ Polygon Creation
  • PolygonRect(center,size,angle=0) # creates 2D and 3D rectangles
    ⦁ 2D: center=(x,y), size=(dx,dy), angle=float
    ⦁ 3D: center=(x,y,z), size=(dx,dy), angle=float
  • PolygonCircle(center,radius,step=5,sector=0,width=360) # creates 2D and 3D circles
    ⦁ 2D: center=(x,y),radius=float, step,sector,width=degrees
    ⦁ 3D: center=(x,y,z),radius=float, step,sector,width=degrees
  • Polygon Operations
    •  PolygonLength(plg,closed=0)
      • return length of 2D/3D polygon in polygon coordinates
    • PolygonClose(plg)
      • closes an open 2D/3D polygon, ie, appends point plg[0] at end
      • ResamplePolygon(plg,mode,step,closed=0)
        ⦁ mode=0, resample 2D/3D polygon in step length
        ⦁ step is in plg coordinate system
        ⦁ mode=1, resample 2D/3D polygon in N equal elements
        ⦁ the polygon is divided in N steps where step = N
      • PolygonPoint(plg,t,closed=0)
        ⦁ return point on 2D/3D polygon given by t[0..1],
        ⦁ where t=0 is start and t=1 is end of polygon
      • PolygonIntersect(plg,pnt,angle,closed=0) # 2D only
        ⦁ return the intersection from pnt at given angle and polygon
        ⦁ With a complex polygon multiple intersections exist – the first is returned
  • TemplateFinder3 – fixed important memory leak with variant change

29jan2017: STC Updates

  • STC-0083 DisparityMap3D_3.3.0.56 – Many improvements
  • STC-0021-ImageFromPoints3D_1.2.0.25
  • STC-0112-SplitColorImage_1.1.0.6 – Faster
  • STC-0113-ColorImageMixer_1.1.0.8 – Faster
  • STC-0062-RefObjCalibration3D_2.2.0.28
  • STC-0135-ImageFilter2_1.0.0.6 – New
  • STC-0122-ShowFOV3D_1.1.0.7

⦁ pyDraw : Important – 3D in 2D Drawing Support

  • Visualisation from python with sub-pixel accuracy
    ⦁ Lines adjusted for 2D calibration
    ⦁ DrawRect
    ⦁ DrawLineEx
    ⦁ DrawLine3DEx
    ⦁ new
    ⦁ DrawRectEx
    ⦁ DrawRectEx3D
    ⦁ DrawCircle3D
    ⦁ DrawCube3D
    ⦁ DrawCylinder3D4
  • Calibrator – Important – Graphics added to see where points are valid
    ⦁ Visualizes calibration rectangles in calibration image
    ⦁ The new visualisation can help the operator to tune the calibration order
    ⦁ The visualisation will be further improved
  • ExternalReference3D – Update to support One-Push Calibration
    ⦁ Add IMPORT2D and IMPORT3D commands
    ⦁ These commands are in addition to IMPORT where both 2D and 3D points are updated
  • ImportTool – fixed missing 3D tool mirroring
    ⦁ applies to MonoPose3D failure inside toolboxes
    ⦁ General – improved mixed dot/comma configurations
  • Multiple STC Upgrades
    ⦁ STC-0083 DisparityMap3D_3.3.0.49
    ⦁ STC-0053-SheetCalibration3D_1.2.0.12
    ⦁ STC-0094-ROICalculator_1.0.0.11
    ⦁ STC-0062-RefObjCalibration3D_2.2.0.24
    ⦁ STC-0049-DisplayResult2D_1.1.0.7
    ⦁ STC-0013-DisplayResult_2.3.0.30
    ⦁ STC-0032-PolygonCorners_1.2.0.41
    ⦁ STC-0063 ValidateExtReferences3D_1.2.0.6
    ⦁ STC-0040-FitLine2D_1.2.0.12
    ⦁ STC-0084 StereoRectify3D_1.3.0.21

07jan2017 – First release of Scorpion Vision XII

⦁ Tool configuration – allows all bool results from any tool as guards

07jan2017 – Multiple STC Updates – add Help Button

STC-0083 DisparityMap –
Computes the disparitymap from two stereorectified images
Output – 3D Point Clouds – 29dec2016, TV: defines helpstring – 09dec2016, TV: ROI uses getDynFloat – 11nov2016, TV:
* Add change toolname
* OutputDisparityMap added
* add UseRect and ShowRect images

STC-0084 StereoRectify
Compute the two rectify images for a stereo pair
Normally used as input to DisparityMap3D

* Use bilinear interpolation method
* Margin are adjusted when rectify fails
* this copes with basic camera disparity
* Sample spacing
* Spacing along epipolar defines heigt resolution
* Between epipolar can be used to reduce 3D image size
* PaddingValue can reduce boundary effects – default is zero

RefObjCalibration3D is used to define the 3D points of a One Push Calibration Object.

* When using calibration object value only shown in results
* Activation of values performed on data pages 1 to 10
* always check that values are activated

* – 07jan2016, TV:
* set all checkboxes immediate to support One Push Calibration Page
* add help page
* correct serious error in 90-825-750-500 mm Calibration Objects
* Tower Height was in error 75 and 150 mm – correct value is 87 and 162 mm

ROICalculator to support different ROI format and conventions
Calculates all values, min, max and centers
Final stage is bounding box clipping with rz or xy-rotation

* CalculationMethod defines active groupboxes

* – 30dec2016, TV:
* add main Result Size and Center
* add Scale and PixelSize results
* Size1 and Center1 kept for backward compatibility
* – 30dec2016, TV:
* add bounding box constraints to clip ROI
* also rotation in the xy plane
* use getDynXXX – remove print

Draws 3D FOV cube in 2D images using 3D calibration

* Requires Scorpion Vision XI.I build 624 or higher

* – 07jan2017, TV:
* add help button
* add Reset FOV
* – 07jun2016, TV:
* add links – fix a lot of things
* – 07jun2016, RL: created

23dec2016, RL. Second beta release

⦁ Toolbox – Support for Original Reference in addition to Incoming
⦁ reference replaces
⦁ Pixels for 2D tools
⦁ Global for 3D tools

30dec2016 : Multiple STC Updates – add Help Button

Calculates MinEnclosingCircle for Polygon

* – 31dec2016, TV:
* add help – use dynXXX
* – 13jun2015, TV:
* fix singlepoint reference
* OpenCV3
* support 12 points
* require Scorpion X1 build 603

Find corner candidates in polygons.

* – 31dec2016, TV:
* add help – use dynXXX
* – 08nov2016, RL:
* paths as polygons
* add corner polygon
* user defined corner marker color
* arranged Data – results on top, config below
* moved Enable controls to parameter optional controls
* removed setValid calls, using Valid flag in set functions

This STC provides image filtering for Scorpion

* – 28dec2016, TV: adds help and release notes buttons
* help description update – help tab removed
* gui update

Create a boundrect from a set of 2D points

* – 30dec2016, TV:
* support dynXXX – added help button
* layout improvements
* – 24may2015, TV:
* added header – remove cv import
* support OpenCV3

Creates convexhull from Polygon

* – 30dec2016, TV:
* support dynXXX add help button

STC-0084 StereoRectify
Compute the two rectify images for a stereo pair
Normally used as input to DisparityMap3D

* Use bilinear interpolation method
* Margin are adjusted when rectify fails
* this copes with basic camera disparity
* Sample spacing
* Spacing along epipolar defines heigt resolution
* Between epipolar can be used to reduce 3D image size

* – 30dec2016, TV: Add Help Button

ROICalculator to support different ROI format and conventions
Calculates all values, min, max and centers
Final stage is bounding box clipping with rz or xy-rotation

* – 30dec2016, TV:

* add bounding box constraints to clip ROI
* also rotation in the xy plane
* use getDynXXX – remove print

23dec2016, RL. First beta release
⦁ TemplateFinder3 – Important Support for HMap Matching
⦁ add “Undefined pixel values”
⦁ Tool configuration
⦁ script apply – execute current tool only
⦁ improved data validity
⦁ ExternalReference3D
⦁ pyTool
⦁ fixed toObj – handles single points and multiple 2D and 3D points
⦁ secured data validity in deleteDynamicResults()
⦁ Arrlib – IPP support working ok
⦁ Scorpion 3D Toolbox – Modern Vision
⦁ Adds Installer Support for
⦁ Includes STC and STP management

Support e-mail:

June 22, 2017

Software for 3D Stereo Vision


Scorpion Vision XII

3D Stereo Vision is the extraction of 3D information from digital images, such as

obtained by a Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera. By comparing information about a scene from two vantage points, 3D information can be extracted by examination of the relative positions of objects in the two panels.

The Scorpion Vision Software tool # 97 – Locate3D calculates the 3D position x,y,z of two corresponding points from two 3D Calibrated Images. The accuracy using 3D Stereo Vision is down to 0.001 mm with Scorpion Vision Software.

Image Rectification – Image rectification is supported by tool component STC-0084 StereoRectify3D. This transforms two 3D Calibrated images into two stereo rectified images where all epipolar lines are parallel to the horizontal axis and the corresponding points have identical vertical coordinates.

2D Image Calibration is performed by the Scorpion tool # 15- Calibrator.


The Scorpion Calibrator tool ensures sub-pixel accuracy down to 1/20th of a pixel. The foundation for the most accurate Scorpion 3D Stinger for Robot Vision systems.


System Resolution is 0.07 mm with a pixelresolution of 0.8 mm

Active Stereo Vision signified that energy in the form of light is projected into the scene.

The Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera is an industrial stereo vision camera in an IP-64 enclosure. The camera is supporting passive and active stereo vision. The camera is supplied with POE or 24 volt and an ethernet connection. Active stereo vision is supported by the means of integrated white or IR high power leds, structured illumination with different pattern based on red or IR lasers.


Scorpion 2D and 3D Stinger Cameras in Aluminium Industry

The Scorpion Stinger SMARTcard strobes the laser and the LED illumination. This is important to meet the Laser Safety requirements for machine vision system. Strobing also improves the ambient light protection and the Signal to Noise ratio of the projected pattern. The SMARTcard also serve as trigger interface to encoder on a conevyor.

Structured Illumination – the Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera supports multiple projection patterns to solve the following challenges:  create features on featureless surfaces, solve the basic feature correspondence problem. The following patterns are supported: Single Line, Multiple Lines and RPP – Random Projection Pattern.

Standard High Quality GigE Cameras from Sony and Basler is used as the main image sensors in the Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera. Resolution from VGA to 5MP is supported with monochrome or color CMOS or CCD sensors optimized for price, speed or image quality.

30 mm and 200 mm Baseline – the Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera is manufactured in two different baseline models. The 200 mm baseline version is designed for Robot Vision and Gauging applications. The typical 3D FOV is a Euro Pallet – W = 800 x H = 1200 mm x D = 500 mm. The 2.3 MPixel model has a 2D x,y resolution better than 0.1 mm and a typical depth resolution 0.3 mm with a good 3D Calibration optimized by One Push Calibration.

One Push 3D Calibration is a concept for automatic fast, accurate and reproducable multiple 3D camera calibration using one single image and a Scorpion Stinger 3D Calibration object.


The automated One Push Calibration provides an optical 3D resolution of 0.04 mm – 1/20th of 0.8 mm which is the 2D pixelresolution. This provide a depth resolution with a 200 mm baseline camera at 1455 mm distance of  Zres = 0.04 * 1455 / 200 = 0.29 mm – the 2D resolution is wellk below 0.1 mm

3D Point Cloud – A 3D image or 3D point cloud is an ordered or unordered sequence of 3 points.


Dense 3D Point Cloud generated by Scorpion 3D Stinger for Robot Vision – typically resolution 1mm in all three dimensions x,y,z

Sparse 3D Image Creation – Scorpion Vision can accumulate single, multiple 3D feature points into a 3D Point cloud. The 3D images are often used to locate an object plane with tool 121 – PlaneFit3D.

Single Line Projection is normally used for Laser Triangulation. Scorpion 3D Stinger Cameras for standard Laser Triangulation are available. The Scorpion tool # 166 – LaserProfiler3D provides an easy means to create point clouds from a sequence of images with a single line laser projection.

Multiple Line Projection – a laser with a multiple line projector is used to project structured light on an object or on a plane. The projected lines can be located in 3D with the advanced tool component STC-0064-LocatePaths3D. The sparse 3D from multiple 3D points generators is moved into a 3D Image for further processing.

RPP – Random Pattern Projection – a laser with a random pattern projector is used to project random texture onto an images. The disparity of the projected pattern is ideal for BlockMatching.


Intrared RPP Image captured by Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera – the blend images combines RPP texture with the natural texture – ideal solution for objects moving on a conveyor

Dense 3D Image Creation – Scorpion Vision Software supports different means of Dense 3D Image Creation. 3D scanning using 3D Laser Triangulation with a Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera and a Single Line Laser is a basic and proven method when the object or the camera is moving. The tool component STC-0083 DisparityMap3D produces a dense 3D image within a 3D FOV from two stereo rectified images. The method can be used with passive and active stereo vision. A RPP – Random Pattern Projection laser will guarantee features on a featureless surface and improve the applicability of block matching. The STC supports multiple Block Matcher to handle different block matching scenarios.


Our favourite concept image – IR LED Image1 – IR RPP Image 1 – blends to an accurate 3D Model – The rectified HeightMap is ideal for 3D pattern location with TemplateFinder3 with 4DOF

Scorpion 3D Stinger for Robot Vision 2.0 is a product developed and distributed by Tordivel AS.