Scorpion Cheese OCR App

For your inspiration a custom app for Cheese OCR

A nice application for Scorpion SmartCamera solutions.

Scorpion Vision based Cancer Detection System Unveiled

A joker is created by Dan Maynard’s Orion Automation and Scorpion Vision Ltd.  Bladder cancer is the fourth most common cancer in males and and the eleventh most common in females. Cytology is taken as one of the keystone elements in the screening and diagnosis of bladder cancer. Routinely PAP stain is applied to cells separated from patient urine and the qualitative analysis of malignancy is determined by a Cytopathologist.

This automated counting system uses Scorpion Vision Software as it’s core component to identify and analyse cells with certain characteristics. The system uses a combination of vision tools to match certain criteria such as colour, shape, size, the ratio between cytoplasm and nucleus, the smoothness of edges and other conditions that match the characteristics defined by the pathologists.

See the pilot study paper on this system which was presented at the NCRI Conference in November 2011. – Download here

More information can be found on the system via our blog here:

Sony Speaker’s corner presentations at Vision-2010

 I am happy to publish my presentations held at the Sony Speaker’s Corner at Vision-2011.

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We have a complete deck of cards in the Scorpion Vision power game

In every suite there are 13 cards plus jokers all designed to fit your needs for performance, speed, robustness, low-cost, accuracy and more. You can mix and match from any suite for an optimal solution to your challenge within the large and demanding field of 2D and 3D Machine Vision.

Why 3D Machine Vision?

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3D Camera Calibration is a fundamental advance in Machine Vision:

  • The best machine vision knows where every pixel moves in space

With 3D it is obvious when it is working.

  • The diameter fits with 1/100 mm accuracy when the pixel resolution is 0.1 mm.

We know where every pixels moves in 3D space!

It is more reliable and more accurate

  • we make Scorpion 3D Stinger systems that never fails!